Product Specification

GS Battery

From the very beginning, the Company has been recognized as a manufacturer of batteries where customers’ satisfaction places the first priority. The rising demand for lead-acid battery is always taken as a precious challenge to provide the best products and services. GS Premium, a conventionally reliable battery for our customers, and GS Hybrid, a low maintenance battery, are two of our qualified products offered to comply with the needs of the customers. fbashsj

The Company also produces GS Maintenance Free, a battery that is especially designed for free maintenance where customers can just “install and forget” it. Our Design Technology has made this product requires minimum care (simple maintenance). GS VRLA, which is also a maintenance free battery, is specially designed for motorcycles.

Recently, PT. GS Battery also markets traction battery for forklifts and heavy equipment and stationery battery for telecommunication and backup systems.

Type of Automotive Battery (AMB)

  1. GS Premium

    GS Premium battery is populer among customers because it has proven to be dependable as well as suitable for any types of cars. Just like all conventional battery, GS Premium uses lead antimony alloy (Pb-sb) on both positive and negative plates.


  2. GS Hybrid

    GS Hybrid battery is the result of technology combination between MF Battery that uses lead calcium alloy (Pb-ca) on negative plate and conventional battery technology that uses lead antimony alloy (Pb-sb) on positive plate.

  3. GS MF Battery (Maintenance Free Battery)

    GS MF Battery is built with Water trap Filter Design technology, which is intended to minimize the water evaporation (water loss), freeing the customer from the hassle of checking the acid level or even adding the battery’s water. 

    GS MF Battery uses lead calcium alloy (Pb-ca) material on both negative and positive plates to ensure that the rate of charge loss (self discharge) to be at its lowest level, making the engine easier to start up even in cold weather conditions or when the car is rarely used.

Type of Motorcycle Battery (MCB)

  1. GS Premium

    Just like GS Premium battery for cars, the GS Premium battery for motorcycles is also  popular among others due to its superiority and reliability of GS Premium battery.




  2. GS VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)

    GS VRLA is a maintenance free battery that designed specifically for motorcycles. Similiar to GS MF, GS VRLA is specifically designed to minimize water evaporation rate (water loss) and ware sold with condition already filled with electrolyte and permanently sealed so customer don’t have to be bother checking or adding the battery’s water.



Battery Specification